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Finding your own stones

Does anyone here cut stones that you have found by simply going
outdoors and looking at the ground? Does such stones work well for
you? I would be interested in hearing more about this. Here in
northeast Ohio I find

1). A red jasper that is somewhat grainy, but polishes with the right

2). A chalcedony that is an indefinable white/greyish/bluish shade.
Its rather plain but take a wondrous polish.

3). A fine, glossy material that sometimes looks like jasper and
sometimes looks more like moss or plume agate. Its always yellow or
cherry colored, or a mixture of both.

I have only found small pebbles of this, wish I could find a
fist-sized piece.


I have a friend Tanzania finds the stones laying around sort of and
send me a Kg for about $200US. Most are usable, some are not.


Hi Harry- what you are asking about is “Rockhounding” or
Lapidary-taking rough material you have found and cutting and
polishing it to use in some form of jewelry or art work. Finding
gemstones and cutting/polishing into planes would be faceting. There
should be plenty of Gem & Mineral Societies in your state who would
welcome you as a new member.They are full of knowledge people who
like to share their fiedltrips and lapidary and/or faceting and
silversmithing classes. There is a website of The American
Federation of Mineral Societies at where you should be able
to find a club near you. Happy Hunting!