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Finding used equipment


I am new at this whole lapidary business, and am trying set up a
shop with as little of an investment as possible. Currently, I am in
need of a used grinder/polisher, and I have looked everywhere in the
$100-$200 dollar range, and all I am finding is angle grinders.

Does anyone know of a good used source where they have almost a
consignment atmosphere? What do metalsmiths do with all of their old
equipment when they upgrade?

Thank you!
Tara Hutchinson
Peg Leg Productions


Hi Tara,

I did most of the equipment buying when my wife setup her design
studio in 1975. At that time, it was horendously expensive.

Happily for you, that has changed with eBay, Craigslist and Harbor
Frieght & Salvage. (has many jewelry tools including
rolling mills) CHEAP!

[Ebay link removed. Sorry no Ebay links on Orchid] (select your state and city)

You might also contact your local or state crafts organization.
Colorado where we are has the Colorado Metalsmiths Association, for
example. Good luck.

Ray Gabriel
serving metalsmiths since 1975


This equipment may be found thru a local gem and mineral club. We
need to know where you are located to help find one for you’. a
minimum new set up is the inland " all in one" which can be bought

I don’t own one.