Finding outlets for selling jewelry

I am trying to find outlets for selling my jewelry. I make dichroic
glass jewelry and sterling silver jewelry. I want to find shops or
galleries that will either buy my work wholesale or put things on
consignment. What is the best way to find resources to do this? I
can’t seem to find any good ones and I know there has to be a way to
find good potential customers. Please give me any suggestions you
have. It will be greatly appreciated.


There is an excellent book called Marketing your arts & crafts :
creative ways to profit from your work by Janice West. Every chapter
is a different market type, from getting into hotel gift shops to
specialty trade shows to you name it. I got it from my local library,
and want to buy myself a copy now.


One place to start would be craft centers where they teach jewelry
making. Many of them also have associated galleries and shops. As an
example, here in Connecticut, there is Wesleyan Potters, the Guilford
Craft Center, and the Brookfield Craft Center. All three have jewelry
making classes (and pottery, weaving, etc.), and all three have
galleries. If you hunt around in your area, you should be able to
find some craft centers. Visit their stores, and see what they’re
selling. Ask what the process is for submitting work. Usually it
involves a jury process - even if that jury is the shop manager. Many
of these places have big show/sales at the Christmas holidays, when
they push the looms and potters wheels to the walls and fill up with
even more merchandise. For those sales they usually have less of a
space constraint than the rest of the year, and can bring on more
artists. Now is a good time to contact the galleries to find out
their requirements, as the jury process is typically in the late
summer to get the stock in time for November. You’ll sell on
consignment, but they take a lot of the hassle out of it.

Beyond that, wear you work. Lend it out to people you trust and like
for them to wear. I’ve gotten sales and commissions from folks that
have seen a bracelet and asked where I got it. When I let them know
I’m the artist, the next question is usually if my work is for sale.
Always carry some business cards around for just that eventuality, as
a little printed pasteboard cards immediately adds credibility. Some
of my wife’s weaving buddies saw her bracelets, and pretty soon they
wanted some. And then folks they knew saw them, and so it goes. So
get your stuff out there, even if it is just lending it to friends
and family. And make sure they’ve got some of your business cards on
them. And it’s nice knowing your stuff is out being seen, instead of
sitting in the drawer.

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Hello Orchidland,

Pat Everett recently told you’all about her
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