Finding frames


This is a bit off the beaten path for Orchid, but I work in enamels
and thought you might help me find better frames for them. I am
looking for positive referrals on wholesale framers. I have visited
many websites but having dealt with less than reliable places before
would love some names from Orchid members. I want wholesale pricing
on multiple shallow shadow box type frames.

Have a good web site to share? Please do so!



I use, but I use their metal section frames for my
enamels. Their pricing structure is the more you buy, the less they
cost per each. Their service has been good, i.e., they have sent what
I ordered in a timely fashion.

Alana Clearlake


Just curious - what are you doing with enamels that requires
shadow-box frames ?

Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers