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Finding a venue for her art work

Hi All,

I have a very talented friend who is a stay at home mother. She has
two youths that are in their teens and on top of that she wishes to
be a successful Jewelry Artist. She has Champagne talent but a
sparkling water budget. I know most of us do, but I hate to see her
talent go unappreciated and she ends up having to give up her dream.

She has determined that at this point in her second career that she
needs to concentrate on the Wholesale market. Retail would just be
too demanding on what time she has to make her art. She has taken an
add out in the upcoming Niche magazine for starters.

Do any of you have any suggestions for her as to how to find a
Wholesale venue to start her dream to come true?

If you should need more please contact me off line.

Thank you so very much for you time and efforts,

Ken Moore