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Finding a manufacturing service


I am new to all this and need some direction in finding a
person/business that could do some contract work for me. Specifically
I need to have 50 scatter pin/posts permanently attached to a
sterling silver original design piece. It appears that the Triad
Sparkie or Sparkie II minifusion welder would do this the best. Sooo
I need to find this capability to work with. Any help would be

Thanks in advance.
Charlie Noble

Try Dan Grandi in Rhode Island. If you are close enough to visit in
person, you might be lucky enough to see a few of his guitars
standing around. He is a fantastic metalsmith/jeweler and he plays
guitar in a local band.


Hi Charlie,

If you can’t find a trade shop locally to do your work, which is
what I would prefer if I were you, you could send it to Jewel Craft.
They have a great big operation in Kentucky and do lots of work for
lots of jewelers. I have no affiliation but know them to stand behind
what they do.