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Finding a jewelry reps

How does one go about finding a jewelry rep for high- end jewelry? is
there a way to ‘jury’ for museum stores, or is that done by a rep? I
live in Northern Vermont, and would like to find a reliable and
sucessful rep. for the East Coast market. I appreciate any and all
suggestions. thanks,

Marion Stegne

If you are targeting high-end museum stores, you may want to write
the museum store buyers and ask if they have any jewelry reps that
they would suggest. A few New England Museums worth asking are
Worcester Art Museum -, MFA Boston -, Decordova museum - as all three have solid gift shop operations. Also
when you get into the “hiring process” you might find this link of

Good Luck
Steve Guyot


I called the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and spoke with the buyer.
She agreed to an appointment. We met at an MFA office a few blocks
from the museum where I presented my work. She was rushed and not
interested. I learned a few weeks later she was replaced.

An agent wasn’t necessary. You can probably set up at least three
appointments at different locations on the same day. My experience
has been museums like to talk with the artist. Good luck.

Mary A.
Chief Design Officer