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Filling in Cracks

I hope someone can help me with this – I soldered the ends of a
fine silver ring shank together. Not paying attention, I
realized later that there was a tiny but visible gap where the
seams met. Having already soldered this shank onto a sleeve, is
there a way that I can fill in that little gap? I tried filing
it down, but the gap is too deep. Thanks in advance!!

Dear Yumi, one way (and you’ll get lots of advice about other
methods, I’m sure), is to open up the gap with a fine 4/0 saw
blade. Hammer or roll down a little piece of silver shim so that
it is a tight fit in the saw cut. Before soldering, make sure the
shim faces to be soldered are bright filed clean. Flux and
resolder with the solder of your choice. Hope this helps Kind
regards, Rex from Oz