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Filing techniques YAK


Also you may note I teach in an art school and firmly believe in
the value of art schools, it is just that often the teachers have
never had to make their living at it and don’t know these things.
This is happily changing a little as more people who are art
jewelers and also worked in industry are finding jobs teaching in
art schools. Students too (at least here in Canada) are demanding
more real life skills and thinking these days.

Industry has just as many if not more traditions (ways of doing
things) which are not efficient or recheked against current
knowledge for usefulness.

I remember a student at the Cambridge Adult School that told me
their teacher recommended using needle files as soldering picks-
new ones at that- didn’t think it hurt the file.

Just finished my first class with my student from the elementary
school mentor program. Soldering went very well, sawing good
(didn’t check the saw blade tension, she was sawing a straight
line with a slightly loose blade) filing needs some work. All in
all a quick study.

Thanks for the flier- looking forward to my copy of Cheap

Rick Hamilton