Filigree - vacume wax injector?

is a vacume wax injector that much better? for wax filigree ring
reproductions? i have a really bad time shooting wax patterns for
filigree rings

tony cataldo
gem jewelry exchange
441 main ave e
twin falls idaho 83301
gje at gjedeals com

Dear Tony,

This is Michael Knight at CASTALDO rubber.

Yes, a vacuum wax injector is very, very, very much better for
injection filigree patterns. And all other patterns as well. they
are well worth the extra cost. Notice that you never see a used one
for sale??

Also useful is our Golden River wax additive, which temporarily
lowers the viscosity of your favorite wax and makes it flow like
water. You just add a handful to your wax pot when you are having
trouble and --viola! – an easy-to-fill filigree wax pattern. No need
to empty your pot or changes wax. After you are done, just add more
of your regular wax.

It’s Maible from Rio Grande, Gesswein, Stuller and lot of other
CASTALDO dealers.

Another approach is to mold filigree patterns with our Titanium Label
jewelry molding rubber. This is a new product that is flexible and
stretchy but, paradoxically, also hard as a rock. So you can squeeze
or clamp the mold as much as you like during injection and still will
not choke off fine filigree patterns. And you can inject them at very
high pressures – up to 60 psi!

If you – or anyone else out there – would like to experiment with
a small free sample, just ask. And please give me your full shipping
address – we can’t ship to a P.O. Box.

Michael Knight


Would leaving the Golden River additive in the pot permanently
result in heavier waxes suffering too much shrinkage? Does the
additive change the density, and hence the weight calculations,


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