Festivals in western Oregon

Does anyone know of any festivals in the Portland Oregon (or western
Oregon in general) area that would be friendly to a jewelry maker?
I’m not a metalsmith, but I do wire wrapping as well as beaded
jewelry. My jewelry sells in the $20-$100 range. I can’t afford a
big outlay for a booth rental and this would be only my second craft
sale, so I’m a small-time business woman.

I love acoustic music and would consider a background of tunes to be
a huge bonus to this experience.

Thank you!
Mara Nesbitt-Aldrich
Pastiche Custom Jewelry

Check out oportunities for the Portland Rose Festival.

Rose Alene

there is the yearly ‘oregon country fair,’ outside of eugene, in the
summer - it’s crazy and fun - very hippie. vendors can camp onsite,
if you’re into that.

there are also many craft weekends on the coast - you could look
them up online, by town. seaside, manzanita, astoria lincoln city,
cannon beach (I only know the northern towns)


Oregon Country Fair is nearly Impossible to get in to as a vendor.
You can’t just try to get a spot. You have to share space with
someone who is already in. And you have to do it for as many years
as it takes for you to get your own spot.

There are really cool things there. It must all be handcrafted. But
it isn’t automatic.

TL Goodwin