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Feric chloride

Hello All: my question is can ferric chloride be used to remove
firescale in the same manner that one would use nitric acid?
Thanks, Marc 

I don’t think that it will cut firescale, but do know that it will
oxidize sterling to a brown/orange color. Got that from a workshop
with Carol Edder-Smith in Asheville, NC. It takes a couple of hours
of emersion, I think. Rick


Regarding using Ferric chloride to remove firescale, this is just
my 2 cents worth—but Ferric Chloride is so messy and stains
everything it comes in contact with–that it would be my last choice
to use for anything except etching on copper with PNP. I never did
get rid of the brown stains where I dripped some on my concrete
patio. And even though I used Latex gloves and was very careful,
my fingers were stained an ugly brown which i finally was able to
remove by soaking them in chlorox. Not a good thing to do, but I
was desperate. Alma