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Fellow "artisan" in Ventura CA area?


I have finally decided to dump the health insurance paying job and
get back to my " passion " as a jewelry “artisan”. I think that
title suits me since there are just so many “goldsmiths, jewelry
designers, etc” that just don’t get it.

So, I will be teaching again and as a new resident of CA and this
area I am looking for fellow jewelry artisans to make contact with.

So, if you are out there? Hi, I am Jennifer and I live in Ventura,
CA. and I would like to meet ya’ll.

drop me a line and let’s get together.

Jennifer Friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, ceremonial silver

Jennifer & tutti-

I recently studied with Jennifer and it was an enriching experience.
I plan to take more workshops with her in the future.

Jennifer is not a one-note artist. She is skilled and imaginative as
well as literate and patient.


Hi Jennifer,

I’m not too far from Ventura, don’t know if I qualify as an
"artisan", but I like how it sounds!

If you’re teaching, I’m interested - especially in enamelling.
Welcome to CA!

Mary Westheimer