Feeling like an Elf

I have been thinking the last few days as I work in my studio…
from morning into the night… that I feel a lot like an Elf in
Santa’s workshop, making sparkly pretty things to be opened on
Christmas morning with glee. Then I think of all of us in “Orchid” ,
doing the same thing- making dreams come true for someone. It’s nice
knowing you all are out there, I feel camaraderie, which is cool, as
I work alone, sometimes it’s nice just knowing I have a “bigger”
studio, lots of fellow elves… Thanks Orchid. Happy Holidays. ;>

Laura in NH

ho ho ho yes we elves are out here all making pretty things all day
and all night long so there will be many happy santas and mrs.
claus’s on christmas morning. keep your heads up fellow elves a day
of rest awaits you dec. 25th

W. Taft Atkins, Jr.
Taft Design Studio


Too funny! I had the same thought while working in my studio today
on the umpteenth Christmas commission - mind you, this was before I
read the Friday digest…guess I must have been tapping into the
collective jeweler unconscious or something.

So when do we get the pointy shoes with bells on?

Happy holidays,
Jessee Smith