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Feedback on Baltimore zyzyx gallery

hello all

I had some dealings with a gallery this summer show, and was
wondering if any one of you out there could give me any feedback on
this gallery in baltimore. the name of the gallery is zyzyx. I am
just trying to find some refrences of other artists that have done
buisness with them and what were the outcome. any feed back would be
appriciated, on or off list.

thank you
Hratch Babikian

...the name of the gallery is zyzyx 

I recall one called OXOXO but there was a thread
about zyzyx a while ago


Oh, that was me.

I no longer live in the Baltimore area, so I can’t say if Zyzyx has
gotten any better since my last visit, which I wrote about in the
link that Brian provided.

I have been to OXOXO, and I think it’s a very nice little gallery.

Elizabeth Schechter
RFX Studios