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[Featured Products] Legor Plating Solutions


Legor’s Plating Solutions are electrolytes with revolutionary
characteristics and high quality of coating. Our products have
become a point of reference for manufactures who aim for excellence
and seek perfection when finishing their pieces of jewelry.

The Legor Plating Division offers a full range of products, services
and technical support for successful plating:

  • Rhodium solutions (white black and blue color)
  • Ruthenium solutions; (black and grey color
  • Palladium solutions
  • Gold and silver solutions; (yellow, brown, green and pink color)
  • Anti-tarnish products;
  • Machinery for bath and pen rhodium-plating;
  • Accessory instruments (rectifiers, ampere-minute meters, etc).

For products and technical assistance please call 1-718-784-7010

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