Favorite Tools

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Well-- I guess if I had to choose a favorite…it would most likely
be my"All You Need" flat lap with the grungy old diamond wheel. I
use it for inlay, filing and some stone cutting… I would never do
so much inlay without it…(and am trying to do less inlay these days
anyhow–so annoyed with teeny chips) I rarely use a file for
anything convex anymore…just bring it over to old Mr. Flatlap.

Now that I chose my favorite I hope my other tools don’t get jealous
and stage a revolt!

Maureen BZ

Judy in Kansas wrote in lately about her favorite tool being a plier
which is half flat, half needle nose round. Stuller has this tool,
made in Germany, and costing about fifteen dollars.

Ron Mills, Mills Gem Co.Los Osos, Ca.