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[Favorite tips] Stone setting

Always cut a hole in the inside bottom of a V crown. This hole can
be cut with a drill bit or a round bur. This will allow clearance
for the culet of the stone. If this clearance is not provided, the
stone may chip during setting, or while wearing if the customer
knocks the stone.

Brad Simon CMBJ

When filing prongs to shape them, always file in a direction toward
the mounted stone. Filing away from the stone could push the prong
loose. Brad Simon CMBJ

Man. Gotta chuckle at that one, How hard and what kinda file are you
pushing prongs with? If you can push a prong with a file motion, how
long would it stay in the setting? Try lightening up your heavy
hand. If ya don’t file downward and back ya leave a burr.