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[Favorite tips] Protecting while Polishing

Place a piece of cardboard from an old box under the polishing
wheels. Just lay it on the bottom of the cabinet under where the
wheel turns. This will cushion and possibly keep from damaging the
piece of jewelry that “gets away” while polishing. A piece of
kitchen type carpet works well also. Brad Simon CMBJ

Brad, Try styrofoam instead of cardboard. It absorbs more
impact…sometimes the piece justs sticks where it hit. Don’t forget
to line the back of the hood, too. The white styrofoam also reflects
light, and makes it easier to see inside the hood while polishing (I
like to see EVERY scratch while I’m still at the polisher).

I hang a postcard inside the hood, just above the buffing wheel and
slightly resting on it. It acts like a mud flap, to keep the dust
from coming around with the wheel and flying into my face. I also
hang an old 2" paint brush next to the polishing hood. When I’m
finished, I dust the inside of the hood and all around the motor. I
keep my polishing area as clean as a kitchen counter. Keeping this
area clean does more than prevent buffs from becoming contaminated.
It makes the task of polishing more a part of the creative process,
rather than the dirty dungeon I have seen in some shops (YUCK!!!). I
also found that the disposable masks that dentists wear are great
for keeping my lungs clean, too, and far more comfortable that the
hardware store variety.

Too often, polishing is seen as a “necessary evil” to be completed
as quickly as possible. I try to devote as much time to careful
polishing and finishing as I do to fabrication and stonesetting.

"God lives in the details…"
Doug Zaruba