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[Favorite tips] Pouring Metal [Was: All Cracked Up]


I have always poured ingots this way. Take your mold and lightly
coat it with oil (three in one will do) Pre heat your melting
dish, preheat your ingot mold until the oli starts to smoke. You
want it wet with oil. Don’t burn the oil off. Melt your metal,
apply a pinch of flux, stir, clean the crud off the top and
pour. Keep the flame on the lip of the melting dish and pour in
a steady movement. Any inpurities should be at the back of your
pour. The wind of the flame should keep any slag at the back and
be the last thing you pour into the ingot. Pour the molten metal
through the flame. Your torch could be the problem. the pressure
settings on ourt regulators have to be set properly. You also
have to melt with the proper flame. Try the ingot set up first.