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[Favorite tips] Polishing

A small cotton buff for your flex-shaft can easily be made to polish
recesses and other areas that are small and difficult to access.
First, take an old ball bur small enough to fit into the area. Then
wrap cotton around the bur by holding the bur against a small piece
of cotton while turning slowly in your flex-shaft. Apply rouge to
the cotton and use to polish the area. Brad Simon CMBJ

The method below is a good idea, however be very careful not to
allow the burr to excape and eat up your work. What I do is use
wooden tooth picks[the round pointed ones] chewed if you want them
fluffy or not if you want them pointy, they will carry any grit or
polish to any where you want to go and they are cheap and available.
you cannot use any pressure so you must let the polish do the work
or break a lot of toothpicks. THey work in your flexshaft. Art

Placing a section of a bamboo skewer in your flex-shaft can make an
excellent wood lap polishing point. File the protruding end to a
point, and use your favorite rouge. The bamboo skewers are
approximately 3/32" in diameter, which makes them easy to use in a
quick-change handpiece. Brad Simon CMBJ

Do not use too much tripoli or rouge on the wheels. At 3,450 rpm,
(the normal speed of polishing motors) a buff rotates 57 =BD times a
second. That means every second you hold the rouge or tripoli bar
against the spinning wheel you are applying 57 layers of compound to
the wheel. It is not necessary to apply more compounds each time the
buff is used. Apply the compounds when the results indicate it is
needed. Brad Simon CMBJ

When polishing move the jewelry constantly. Holding it for too long
in one position may cut undesirable grooves in the metal. The
excessive cutting may also remove details and change the shape.
Press the jewelry against the wheel, then move it downward,
sideways, roll, rotate, and position it so that the wheel reaches
all possible areas of the metal. Then all areas will receive
uniform polish, and the cross buffing will result in a higher shine.
Brad Simon CMBJ