[Favorite tips] Filing flat work

Ok Folks here is a tip from the watchmakers bench…hope you
enjoy, as I do this thread…

Filing flat work ::: this tip is for small items as watchmakers
we do very small work in various metals, gold, silver, steel,
brass and bronze… If you have a small item to file flat here is
a tip…take the cork from a champagne bottle ( wine bottles
corks will not work as they are not dense enough)…champagne
bottle cork is inserted into your bench vise up to the round top
to get a good bite from the vise…file the ounded top down just a
bit…place your item on the top of the cork and with proper
filing technique commence to filing…the work will depress into
the cork and stay put and flat if you file well…no mess, no
fuss, no heat, nothing sticky…works great…of course you are not
allowed to file until after your hands and body settle down from
too much champagne.


Terry Parresol