[Favorite tips] Cutting Seats

While cutting a seat, use light even pressure. Excessive pressure to
vigorously cut metal will over heat the burs. This heat will remove
the temper from the tool and it will no longer be able to keep a sharp
cutting edge. Let the tool do the work. Do Not Use Excessive Speed
Or Pressure To Force A Dull Bur. Brad Simon CMBJ

Brad, that was a great little ‘hint’ by not over-speeding up the burr!
fast is not necessary good. I would add to that also is to use a drop
or a touch of oil onto the burr, why? the drill will clean itself off
with the gold, and the “teeth” will last longer. If you are using a
slower speed, the burr won’t have the tendency to wrap itself around
the claw. And lots of time wasted in cleaning up the “teeth marks” on
the claws, especially on the solitaire claws. Having a slower speed,
gives you, the jeweller or setter, more control over the burr.
Orchidians, if you see that the burr is turning a purple colour, or
the teeth edges are turning shinny, throw out that burr, it isn’t
doing any good for anyone. I also periodically check all of my
available burrs and discard the spoiled ones, and restock my usable

To all of my Jewish friends on Orchid, Have a better New Year, G-d
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