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[Favorite Tips] Coin Frames

When a customer brings in a coin pendant with the screw striped, I
clean the threads from the pendant with a Krause bur then fit a wire
in the hole and rivet it closed.

Do Not solder the wire in, actually rivet the ends down. The tubes
are soldered to the frame and will move or come off easily if you
try to solder the wire in. Also if the customer ever wants to
change the coin you can cut the rivet head off and replace the

Brad Simon CMBJ

To keep a coin from turning in a coin frame with tabs, take a piece
of wire and roll it through a rolling mill. Then cut pieces to
wedge between the coin and frame under each tab. The length and
thickness of the piece depends on how loose the coin is, but at
least three times the width of the tab. Then push the tab over with
a prong pusher. A brass pusher works well, but if your concerned
with slipping off and marring the coin a wooden dowel rod in a
graver handle would work or make a pusher from a plastic handle from
a tooth brush. Brad Simon CMBJ

In college (Irish/Swiss Institute of Horology) we had to make many
of our own tools, and we used plastic Knitting Needles to make
pushers, easily filed or turned to make to the appropriate shape.

Neil KilBane,