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[Favorite tips] Bench Organization

Drill holes in the top of the side rail on your bench, large enough
in diameter for your torch tips to fit into them. Keep different
size tips there when not in use; it makes them easier to find when
needed. Brad Simon CMBJ

Brad, Good tip Brad, but I think I have a better solution to the
problem of keeping ones torch tips at hand. I have a rectangular
piece of heavy guage aluminum which is about six inches long and two
inches wide. ( It is about a quarter inch thick ) One end is affixed
to the top of my bench with screws. The other end has a long slot
cut out of it so that the torch can be held when not in use. In
between, I have drilled holes to receive the torch tips which are
not in use. This arrangement is very handy and I never lose track
of my tips. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA,