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Fasteners for rolled silk ribbon

Hello Orchid,

I’ve been a lurker here for years, thought it was time to actually
take the plunge and make a posting :wink:

I was wondering if anybody else had experience with using the 2-3mm
rolled silk cord for necklaces?

I’ve been wondering what to use as end caps… I’m really partial to
the smooth sterling end caps that you glue the ribbon into – I
think their plain look is much more elegant. But I’m wondering how
well these wore? Has anybody had a chance to try them out for this

Would it be better to go with the (much less plain and elegant
looking) squishable crimps?

I know silk ribbons aren’t exactly forever, but I’m hoping to give
them a reasonable chance for a happy long life.

I’ve also been checking out glues, and the E6000 seems to be the
best choice for glueing soft materials to metal. Does anybody else
have any better suggestions?

thank you for much!

Vancouver, BC

For an added measure of security you can drill the tube and rivet a
wire through the cord and cap.


Perhaps some sort of knot? Many functional knots just LOOK neat when
properly tied.

From a former Boy Scout who never made Eagle,
Dan - I.J.S.

In cases like these, I soak the end of the cord in epoxy or some
sort of glue that won’t wick up the cord. After this cures I’ll
contour this "blob’ so that it fits snugly into the tube end you’ve
built that is attatched to your finding. Use a file or burs, etc. The
glue should not be visible past the tube.

I’ll then glue and rivet this prepared and hardened end into the
tube. By soaking the cord in the epoxy you create a stable area for
drilling. Drilling through or even poking through the weave of a cord
can cause unraveling and failure. The hardened end of the cord
prevents this.


From a former Boy Scout who never made Eagle, 

Thanks for the chuckle Dan.

This from a mom who spent summer camp with Boy scouts tying knots.
Also playing cards and getting my butt kicked! My boy will never be
Eagle either but that’s ok.

I miss the pinewood derby - I always talked trash with the others
and did well in the competitions.

Lisa Fowler
LL Fowler Designs