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Fascinating Diamond Cut Study


I had other reason to look in one of my favorites folders, and came
upon this link. I’ve used it for years, but then I realized that
Orchidians would find it equally as useful, both for educational
reasons and sales purposes. This is a Russian website, what you
might call a scientific site, meaning that it’s nationality has no
meaning, and there is much collaboration with other parties included.
The link I am providing goes directly to the ray-traced models, but
if it doesn’t work, you may have to navigate there by yourself - it
is the cut-study, and ray-traced models. And you will need to install
the Active-X control when you get there (It will tell you) It is
various animations, on several pages, of the passage of light through
a cut diamond, and then there are controls to change the stone. So,
you can start with an ideal cut diamond, and it rotates and shows the
passage of light, and then widen the table and see what the change
does then - also the girdle, pavilion, etc. Very fascinating, and
there’s also much other data scattered around for those who want to
know - Tolkowski’s original calculations, for instance. Be aware that
it is 1/2 in Russian, not very user-friendly, and a little funky, but
there’s a lot there. The ray-traced animations are just great,


Orchid hq may have done this, but some BOZO (yours truly) did the
copy part, but not the paste part. So here’s the link for it. Check
it out, this is cool - the modeling of the actual passage of light
through diamond.

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