[FAQ] The Orchid anonymous FTP Server


Since no email attachments are allowed @orchid, I suggest the use the
anonymous FTP server for Orchid, If you feel to share files, like
Self Pictures, Pictures of your recent work, Illustration of various
techniques and other related material please feel free to use the
Orchid FTP Server

I am kindly requesting you guys not to upload program files,
advertisements of any kind or any files that are not associated
directly with Orchid and Its content.

You will need an FTP agent, a free FTP software for win 95,98,NT is on
our server. It is the ONLY tool you need to send files to the Orchid
anonymous FTP Server! So go and get it at:


After installing the FTP agent on your system you can transfer files
across the internet with ease. Please follow the instructions to learn
how to connect to the Orchid FTP Site.


Setting for your FTP program:

*    Login Type: anonymous
*	Port: 21
*	Host address: ftp.ganoksin.com
*	Remote Initial Directory: /incoming/ganoksin/

every 2 hrs the uploaded files are automatically copied to Ganoksin
wesite, so they can be easily retrieved by pointing your web browser