[FAQ] Reading the Orchid Digest Online

This is only slightly off-topic, that is, it’s not about making
metal objects, but, perhaps, other Orchidians have experienced the
problems I was having reading the Orchid Digest. I am somewhat of a
Luddite when it comes to computers and so, when the O.D. began to
come to me all scrambled with ‘hypertext’ (I think that’s the word)
and very little true content, I began writing to Hanuman for help and
calling my Server for help, too. To no avail. Neither could help me,
although Hanuman did suggest reading O.D. online (now, I should have
been listening, but it went over my head…duh!).


Good ole’ Plain text:

Finally, my husband took a look at what was happening and noticed the
‘click here’ instructions if the “content of this message is not
displayed properly” at the very beginning of the Digest. There it was
in plain English! Lo and behold, it brought me to the Digest online!
Problem solved. Assuming that I’m not the only one who might not have
understood how to properly read the O.D., I’m writing this to all of
you. So, if any of you Orchidians have experienced the same
scrambling of content, go forth and click on that live ‘click here’
and be transported!

Linda Kaye-Moses