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[FAQ] Personal Invitation to feature in jewelry exhibition


The Ganoksin Project warmly invites you to feature in our online
jewelry exhibition. “The Orchid Jewelry Creation Gallery”.

Participation is absolutely free!

The Ganoksin Project hosts an impressive library of thousands of
articles, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related
topics, as well as a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries,
for both the casual visitor and the professional. It is now the
largest compilation of web accessible jewelry related in
the world.

With jewelry artists from all over the world, speaking from a wide
range of technical and aesthetic experiences, the Orchid community
is home to working metal artists from all over the world.

Within this community you will find artists working in different
Medias who take pride in the work they produce. Our aim is to bring
together exceptional artists of all disciplines of jewelry making.

The exhibition is permanent, open to the public and free of charge
Artist’s Portfolios are completely individual so you can easily
develop and update your portfolio when the need arises without any
costs. We announce and promote featured artists to our global user
list of 45,000 gem and jewelry related professionals.

Please take a minute to review our Exhibition site

I do hope that you will accept my invitation to feature in our

Please refer to our submission guidelines below for more

Thank you and Best regards
The Ganoksin Project

How can I place my work in the Orchid Gallery?

Send photos of your work in JPG format to
Please include some about yourself and your work.

  1. Artist: Your name
  2. Contact info: E-mail address
  3. Descriptions: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3
  4. Photo Credit: Photographer’s name
  5. Artist Statement

We require jury-quality pictures. While we do not judge your design
work, we reserve the right to refuse photos of lesser quality.

Image criteria: Strong graphics, proper lighting, precise focus and
interesting content.

Participation is free!

There is no limit to the number of items you can share with the
Orchid audience!