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[FAQ] I'm not getting any mail from Orchid! What's wrong?

From the Orchid FAQ

I’m not getting any mail from Orchid! What’s wrong?

  • Make sure you confirmed your Orchid subscription.
  • Your mail box might be of limited size and Orchid mail is bounced
    -Your anti spam filters block Orchid.

Who doesn’t want to get rid of spam? That makes spam filters which
remove junk mail before it reaches your Inbox so valuable. No
filter’s perfect, and it may block the Orchid service you have
signed up for along with other legitimate mail.

Your ISP might have blocked our list as part as their spam
protection. Our list is distributed with headers that might be
confused as spam…

Please contact your ISP to configure their anti spam program if any
to allow Ganoksin posts through.

Our IP address is

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