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[FAQ] Better management of your Orchid mail

Orchid Tip - Better management of your Orchid mail

Whether you use a web-based email like Hotmail or a software package
like Microsoft Outlook, you can easily create dedicated Orchid
folder. Once you receive Orchid E-mail, you can separate it from your
personal or business mail for easier management.

Most E-mail systems offer optional automatic sorting of E-mail by
topic or by sender. The name of this feature varies by E-mail
system. Microsoft Outlook calls it New Mail Rules while Hotmail
refers to this feature as Filtering.

A typical sorting system works like this: You specify what to sort
by (such as the subject line, sender’s name or email address, etc),
and what to do with the message depending upon which sorting rules
or filters match the message.

Most systems let you apply multiple rules or filters to each message
to fine-tune sorting. This way, sorted E-mail is automatically
placed in the appropriate folders in your inbox, discarded, or left
in the main inbox if it doesn’t meet any of the sorting criteria you

Here’s how a simple sorting filter would automatically move your
Orchid mail into a designated Orchid folder.

  1. Create a new folder to store your Orchid mail, name it whatever
    you like, in this example I use MY-Orchid.

  2. Create a new set of filtering rule:

If the message ‘Reply-To’ field is equal to ‘’ than
Move it to My-Orchid folder.

That was easy wasn’t it?