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Family crest in onyx

I have a customer that wants a family crest cut into onyx for a
ring. The crest is fairly simple wth a small crown over a
crosshatched shield. However, need some sources to do this type of
work. Any recommendation would be very much appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance.

Jon Peterson
Golden Phoenix Jewelry
915 949 1400

Jon: Take a look at the July, 2001 issue of Lapidary Journal, Vol. 55,
No. 4. On Page 44 is an article titled “primitive lapidary” by Falk
Burger, which discusses intaglio techniques. It looks pretty straight
forward, although I haven’t mustered the courage to try it yet. Good

Michael Conlin

Hi ! How’s that air cleaner doing? There’s a guy Dave B. Design 2510
North 47th St. Unit JJ Boulder, CO 80301 who
does laser etched onxy pretty intricate designs not sure if this is
what you need? Lisa