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Family crest design - been there, have one

people -

    I would think a family crest is not any ones intelectual
property unless they made  it up, my own family crest is available
on the clan web site. 

after deleting all the other posts on ‘family crests’ due to lack of
time i decided to read at least one - this particular one quoted the
above. i know very little - all right, nothing - about clan coats of
arms but i do know about family coats of arms from sharing one
awarded to the family - a family where every person in the world
with the that name is related. a family coat of arms would have been
created, possibly the edict of a sovereign, for a specific family
with items pertaining to that family, its history, or a deed/favor
rendered to the country, sovereign, etc. that particular ensign
belongs to that family - pretty much as any other piece of
property. oh, and by the way, a ‘crest’ is something stuck above the
shield - such as a plume, etc. to play it safe treat all existing
coats of arms as someone else’s property - it probably is. ive