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"Falling Out" [Was: dilema]

In response to the recent post with the customer’s ruby ‘falling
out’, I haven’t done any faceting and don’t know the value of the
ruby, so forgive my intrusiveness. I do however, teach High School
art and have worked with the public for a few years now. Excuses
are the mantra of the public, if there can be a way found to work
a situation to the advantage, that way will be found by someone
out there. How often have we seen outrageous lawsuits
tried/won/lost based on the public versus a professional? From
the sounds of the ruby, it was flawed, but will doubtless be
portrayed as a fine piece to a lawyer or insurance agent,
hopefully , you will not be in the middle of it by that time! If
this sounds a bit cynic, it’s really not, just that I’ve seen it
done under many different names and situations. How easy it is
for someone to callously work an angle at someone’s expense…
Good luck and stand by your work, you definitely sound like you
know your business!