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Fall colored stones trends

...want to add some colored stones that are so hot, hot, hot for

Which colored stones are the ‘hot’ ones for fall??

Best regards,
Robert Lowe
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Although it probably puts the “Semi” in “semiprecious” I’ve had 3
people express interest in/desire for sujalite in the past 36 hours.

Not sure where I heard it? read it? dreamed it? but purple was an
"it" color mentioned for (fashion) this fall. Just one trip through
Eddie Bauer last weekend sealed that thought for me! Purple purple
everywhere…a really nice shade of it too.

Might also explain the 3 sudden requests w/in 24 h one of you got
for sugilite? (Other than that it’s such a deLICious stone if you
can get a good piece of it!)

Hopefully helpful, Carol Carter-Wientjes

Hi Robert

I think reds, pinks and purples are going well for gemstone colors
this year that complement the bright colors of this years fashion. In
cabochons, Mookaite in these colors have been doing very well for



There is that Horrible adjective (semi) again I always equated the
word Semi with a large truck, as in “Semi Truck and Trailer”. I
really would not consider a 23 Ct. faceted Jelly Sugelite “semi” any
thing except rare, semi expensive and exceptionally beautiful.

Let us all try to remember that Semi is a large vehicle requiring a
special license to operate on American highways, and really should
not be used in conjunction with ANY GEM MATERIAL in context of any
way other than a mode of transport.


Judging from recent pages of Vogue and ELLE and from last spring’s
runway collections, anything big and fat and faceted – lots of
big-rock rings and wide gold cuff bracelets loaded with gaudy gems,
all of them mixing all manner of colors together in a luxe-Bohemian:
citrines, amethysts, peridots, aquamarines, spinels, etc. Also seeing
lots of looonnng gold chains with gems – think 20s.

I am not seeing these fashions starting to show up in little podunk
Tucson though if I venture to Scottsdale I do. Likely NY/LA/London
will be all over it soon.


Yes, my reps have mentioned that too… purple is very popular for

    I've had 3 people express interest in/desire for sujalite in
the past 36 hours. 

You’ll probably have better success finding it if your search for
"sugilite." Kind of similar to charoite, if you’re familiar with
it… I sometimes get them confused. An opaque purple-to-magenta
gemstone in the manganese family that was quite popular ten or fifteen
years ago. It can have very interesting optical properties, such as
chatoycancy (similar to tigers eye). I believe “new age” followers
attribute some metaphysical properties to it, which could lead to
spikes in interest.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

For anyone interested in the Fall Color Forecast it can be viewed at
the Color Association of the United States. They forecast the color
palettes and trends for many years and seasons down the road. Top
clothing designers and product manufacturers look to this forecast
for creating their new lines and products. It’s very informative but
also is a service that can be subscribed to.

Membership only site
<edit> Membership only site </edit>

I know, the membership is expensive by they offer a free e-bulletin
called Colorful that comes once a month in an e-mail that contains a
color forecasts and trends for the upcoming season. It’s interesting
and available to anyone. I am not affiliated with this association,
I just appreciate it services.

Sara D. Grinnell

Sugilite one of my very favorite stone to cut and carve.
Unfortunately, I can’t find it in my country. But you can see the
most beautiful colour sugilites in Graham’s web site.

Kind regards from Turkey,
Oya Borahan