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Faceting large peridots


I have recently acquired two large peridots. One is 25 carats the
other 47 carats. They are emerald green, rather than the typical
yellow green, and very clear. I would like to have them faceted to
maximize their resale value, and had a few questions.

Which would be better, to cut each into the largest possible single
stone, or to cut one into a matched pair for earrings?

Is there any one in particular you would recommend in the
Albuquerque area to do the faceting?

What should the cost run?

Thanks !
Theresa Bright


Hi Theresa,

There is an excellent cutter fairly close to you, in Aztec NM. His
name s Matt Dunkle and you can reach him here: [mattdunkle at yahoo
dot com]

I can’t say what he would charge, but these are large gems that are
a little heat sensitive, especially due to their size. And so it
would be best to work with someone who has longevity in the cutting
trade, as Matt does.

As for whether they should be cut in two to make them more
sale-able, in my experience I would say they would be significantly
more valuable as larger gems. Though, they may not sell as quickly.

Roger Dery


Hi Theresa: Large Peridot rough is difficult to come by these days.
My vote would be to keep the stones large.

Dikra Gem Inc.


As large clean peridots of good color, they command apremium price
inthe market----in a fine or extra fine stone----the price/ct doubles
over 5cts and again over 10 cts—I would cut the biggest clean stone
you can from each piece—the shape of the stone to be dictayed by
the shape of the rough for the best yield----hope you find agood
cutter, perhaps search the web for Nancy Attaway

Dave Barclay-- Gemmolgist/ gem dealer
C&D Gemcraft

Is there any one in particular you would recommend in the
Albuquerque area to do the faceting? 

I would reccommend Nancy Attaway. e-mail for contact is: [attaway at
highfiber dot com]

I agree with Roger Dery that you should have the largest possible
stones cut from the rough that you have available.

Best regards,
Robert P. Lowe Jr.


Thanks to all of you who have responded to my post. I am meeting
today with Ernie Hawes, who lives right here in Albuquerque. He is
founding member and current president of New Mexico Faceter’s Guild.
He as 30+ years of cutting experience and has published in magazines
such as Lapidary Journal, as well as teaching faceting. We even
share a few of the same hang-outs! I am taking pictures of the stones
before they are cut, and will take some after they are cut and will
post them on orchid. (If I can figure out how!:))You got to love

Theresa Bright