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Hi Karen,

The company “” run by Frank Russo used to be
"" When he was caught stealing inventory images from
our company and TZ Gems in Tanzania, he was forced to abandon the
"roughgems" domain and assume business under a new URL. He also
harvested and spammed many of our digest members (stealing addresses
from both the Gemking Daily Faceter and the Faceter’s Digest) and
still spams me with his BS advertisements although I have requested
to be removed from his list over a dozen times and have even put our
company attorney on his tail in regard to the copyright infringement

  • which is a federal offense.

Further, the guy obviously has no moral character as in one case he
used our image of zircon to sell “Malaya Garnet” on his website. The
other images he stole were used to sell his own inventory, and again
this also happened to TZ Gems in Tanzania - I guess he assumed that
they, being in Africa, would have no legal recourse. All I can say
is that this guy needs to be put out of business, he is a thief and

Paul Ahlstedt The Gemking Company