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Faceted Pearls

Hi James,

My friend Meg Berry of Pala International showed me a faceted black
pearl that she had cut at the Tucson Show this past year. It was
hanging around her neck actually! LOL! It really was beautiful, and
the optical effects were stunning. As a faceter myself (and past
"Cutting Edge" award winner) I found the faceting of pearls to be very
interesting, and something that I will probably try my hand at in the
near future. For those of you that are interested, I believe Meg said
that she had polished them with rouge on phenolic. She did also say
that traditional polishing methods (i.e. Linde A on the usual laps
like tin) were too aggressive for the pearls. Best wishes,

Paul Ahlstedt

Hi everybody, I've been reading last year's archives on faceted
pearls and am wondering if anyone can give me updated information
on them, such as - does anyone know a reputable dealer that offers
real faceted pearls that have no plastic bead nuclei?  Any new
would be appreciated. Thanks, Catrina Toronto, Canada

Hi Catrina, Call Meg Berry at Pala International / The Collector in
Fallbrook, California, USA. Meg was doing work with them the last
time that I spoke with her, and she can probably hook you up with
what you need. Meg by the way is a multiple Cutting Edge Award
Winner, and does the pearl faceting herself. Good people, give her a
shout and tell her that Paul Ahlstedt sent ya! I am sorry that I
don’t have the phone number handy, but you can call and
get it very easily! I just happen to be in the shop, and don’t have
my dayplanner handy! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,