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EZ Ups

We use 2 EZ Ups, total 10’x20’. We weight ours on each leg, or set of
legs (6) with 25# lead shot bags available @ sporting goods supplies
that have shotgun re-loading supplies. The bags are made of heavy
canvas which are tied to the upper structure of the EZ Ups with a
small rope. We use the rain gutter purchased from EZ Up to keep the
rain from running between the 2 tents. They were like funnels before
we got the rain gutter! Ours are the commercial weight tops & sides
with zippers. We also added grommets @ the corners & middle legs to
tie @ night. This setup has withstood 65+ mph winds without lowering
the height. We also stake down each leg (we do live in West Texas) &
learned that more is better! The tops stay on permanently unlike the
earlier models. We were setup @ the Poteet Strawberry Festival &
naturally a thunderstorm with high winds blew through that night. We
had no problem with our EZ Ups, but a lot of setups were totally
destroyed! We’ve used them for 4 years now & love the ease of setup &
breakdown. My husband cleans them occasionally with the high-pressure
washer. The tops & sides are beige which seems to be much cooler than
the white; may be the difference in weight of the material though.
Actually we’re not dealers; just like the product!! If anybody has
any questions, please email.

Marcia Ingham