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EZ torch suddenly flame shot

Hi. I’ve been lurking for awhile and never posted, but something
happened last Saturday that prompted me to write.

I am a novice, and don’t have much equipment. After reading posts
about the EZ torch from Otto Frei, I purchased one. I had used it a
few times with no problem. On Saturday I was working with it, and
suddenly flame shot out of the air vents. It flashed past my hand
and didn’t burn me, but scared the (expletive deleted) out of me. I
dropped the hand piece on the floor and turned off the tank, then
turned off the hand piece.

I called Otto Frei today, and explained what had happened. They said
that I must have gotten liquid propane in the line by laying the
tank on it’s side. They were spot-on…I had knocked the tank over
the night before. They explained how to clean the handpiece out.

I know now to secure the tank more carefully, but I’m wondering what
other things might go wrong that I don’t know about. Maybe I
shouldn’t be using a torch?

Does anyone know of a source for basic torch safety

Katherine S. Margolis

Does anyone know of a source for basic torch safety 

Rio Grande sells a DVD, “Basic Soldering Techniques”, item #
560-304. It goes into torch safety fairly well.