EZ Torch hose leaks after 4 months

Hi everyone,

Since I gave the EZ Torch a positive recommendation some time back,
I wanted to follow up with more

The hose developed a leak at one of the connections and I have not
been able to fix it. I know exactly where the leak is because I have
a combustible gas detector. I have contacted Otto Frei, from whom I
purchased the torch, twice now, but so far no response. I hope it is
still under some kind of warranty.

I have not abused the torch ;).

I am seriously thinking about switching to air/acetylene. Even with
the smallest tip on the EZ torch, I don’t have the control I want.

Since I am still a “student” of the metal arts, any info/comments
would be fantastic.

Sandra Gilbert
…where we never did get snow in Snohomish this year and it is like
spring outside today

I have one too… Your problem is probably where the hose fits over
the connecting nipple on either the torch end or cylinder connect
end or both.

Put a small hose clamp over each end over the nipple and snug them
up… Check for leaks. THIS should take care of that problem. You can
use a couple loops of tight wire to fix this but the clamp is
probably a better idea for you’

I wasn’t too happy with the air adjustment and the use of all brass
at the torch end. the air adjustment is too loose and it gets too

It needs a little stainless steel ( low heat conductivity ) to
replace some of the brass.

While I was complaining about the beast I noticed LUIS_F_MORENO uses
the same torch on all his bench tube posts. Look at these!!

Maybe you are the one who recommended it! I haven’t had it long. I
have found that a lot of people have my complaint.

I wouldn’t rush to acetylene The small canisters of propane are very
convenient and probably last quite a while for you.


I purchased an EZ torch from Otto Frei after taking a course with
Harold O’Connor several years ago. I tried at least 3 of these units
but they all had valve leaks. I’d shut off the tank, bleed the line,
close the handpiece and then gas would fill up in the hose again. I
contacted Otto Frei. At that time, they had received a bad batch of
these torches and replaced my first torch. After 3 of these torches
and a new shipment of them, Frei confirmed that there was a problem
with another batch. I decided to stop trying and continue with my
current torch arrangement with a change to a smith silversmith
handle. I love the smith silversmith torch with acetylene.

I suggest you contact Otto Frei again. They usually will listen and
make things right. Walter or Amber are really good on the phone. If
all else fails, ask to speak with Steve Frei and tell him about the

Good luck and be careful.
Estelle Vernon

Hi everyone,

Just got back from San Diego (I will be posting in a day or two
about June Schwarcz’s electroformed enamel pieces we saw at the
Meinji Museum. WOW.)

Thanks to everyone who responded to my comments about the EZ Torch
hose leak. And Otto Frei did respond, I figured they would, they seem
to be a good company. They offered to replace the hose.

Jessie - your idea of hose clamps is brilliant- I will try that;
however, I am going to get an air/acetylene for my primary torch. I
will visit my local welding shop.

And many thanks to Estelle Vernon and Beth Wicker for their
recommendations. (Hope I didn’t miss any other posts :wink: