Ez Torch experience

I am looking for anyone’s experience with the Otto Frei Ez Torch. I
have read the few comments that exist in the archives and would like
to know if there is more info out there.


I’ve been using the EZ Torch for 6 years. I got it primarily because
of living in, first a rented townhouse and then selling in the west
where I had a studio outside the house and used acetylene (my fuel
of preference) and buying here in the east where acetylene is not
appreciated by insurance companies in townhouse basements. I usually
stick with the smallest of the tips, but there are three so if you
are into larger pieces you have an option. Aside from the little
camping cylindar tipping over (I bungied it to my bench leg) the
only problem I’ve had with it is that sometimes the air vents in the
torch tip get clogged with what appears to be some residue from the
propellant. My second torch is the Little Torch and I use a Butane
Blazer for bezels. You can take a look at my website to see the kind
of work I can do with this torch.

Donna in VA