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Eyewear in Australia - with pictures!


I’ve just returned from a 4-week teaching trip to three great
Australian cities. On two of the eyewear workshops we had a digita;
camera floating around and the resultant pictures are now up on my
website for you all to see Thumbnail images
lead to bigger pictures. Take a look at the photos and see the rows of
strange and attractive eyewear.

‘Eyewear’ 18 - 22 September 1999
University of South Australia, Adelaide.

‘Street Jewellery’ weekend of 25/25 Sep
CFCC Object Gallery, Circular Quay, Sydney,

’Eyewear’ 27 Sept - 1 October 1999
Centre For Contemporary Crafts ‘Object’ Jewellery Studios

‘Street Jewellery’ weekend of 2/3 Oct
Object Gallery, Circular Quay, Sydney,

’Eyewear’ Oct 6 - 10 1999
JMGQ, Brisbane, Australia

My thanks go to Andrew Welch from the jewelery department at South
Australia School of Art who organised
the biggest eyewear-making workshop I’ve ever taught! (Andrew and
Santina were great hosts!), thanks also to the South Australia School
of Art and The Helpmann Academy Adelaide who funded that residency,
the Jam Factory for a place to stay in
the heart of Adelaide, and Simon Tynski at Engelhardt Eyewear Adelaide
who supplied some spectacle parts for students to use. Thanks also go
to the Centre for Contemporary Craft Object galleries and Object jewellery studios in Sydney, and Grainne
Brunsdon and Sarah Wilson for organising the Sydney workshops. Then
I’d like to say and enormous thanks to President Liz Shaw and Susie
Woodhouse in Brisbane for organising one of the most invigorating
eyewear workshop I’ve ever taught!!!

I was impressed by what was made on these workshops. In fact I feel
like making something right now!

To those of you here on Orchid who were actually students on the
workshops contact me for a secret link to a special folder on my
website which has the original unadulterated images straight from the
camera. The images for public viewing have been reduced in size and
resolution, and I changed some gamma levels, and I’ve altered some
overall balance settings to make the pictures less blue (too blue is
a common digital photo feature, I’ve noticed). Tell us what you think
of the eyewear, folks.


B r i a n A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND photos from Australia!!