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Eyeglasses Soldering

Recently I was referred to a shop in the mall to have a pair of wire
eyeglasses repaired. They used a method of soldering where there was
no heat and didn’t have to remove the glass. They also did jewelry
repair and didn’t need to remove the stones. Is this electronic
soldering? Why isn’t this method used in jewelry making rather than
the gas and flame method that I see predominately? Thank You,
Christine California

These folks are using a LASER welder. It’s awesome and is in many
retail stores and factories.

Here’s one site

Uses no heat. Every shop needs one if you do a LOT of work, about
$26,000, $600 a month to lease. My price book has laser welding in

There’s a store in Ft Worth Texas that charges $90 to size a ring
smaller with a torch and $120 with a LASER.

70% of all sizings are done with a laser.

David Geller

Hi Christine,

The tool used to repair your glasses may have been a lazer welder or
a pulse arc welder.

The reason this isn’t used as widely as the typical gas & flame
method is mainly cost. The cost of a new lazer welder is aprox
$30,000.00. A Pulse arc welder is about $3,900.00.

There are other considerations as well, but the initial cost is a
great stumbling block for many jewelers.


They are using a laser welder more than likely. Laser welding takes
a little longer in most cases and cost more. Laser welders typically
run around 25 to 30 thousand dollars for most small jewelers a large
sum. The price will continue to drop the more people demand them. I
have a Zahntech Laser and use it every day. Regards
J Morley Goldsmith/Laser welding

   There's a store in Ft Worth Texas that charges $90 to size a
ring smaller with a torch and $120 with a LASER. 

Am I the only one that finds these prices … shall I dare say
excessive? Is this a supposed guide line for pricing? What do
these people pay for bubble gum?