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Eye protection when soldering platinum

i hope I remember all the questions I have for now so that I don’t
have to make this post too long (and possibly boring to read).

My first question deals with protecting your eyes while soldering
platinum. My husband (why he chose to do this makes me question a bit
about him) liked to go tanning and even had a pair of UV goggles for
the visits. He suggested that since he wasn’t using them anymore (I
kinda sorta forbade him to continue tanning since I thought it made
him girly) that I use them to protect my eyes from damge while
soldering the platinum. Does anyone think those would be a good idea?

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Thanks in advance,
Rene Howard

Hi Rene, always consider what you win or lose when you bet. In this
case you save 20 dollars if the glasses work or you go blind if they
don’t. This is a lousy bet. Just buy the proper eye protection and
give him back his glasses. Have fun with the platinum.

Tom Arnold