Eye protection for infrared light

I am looking for eye protection from infrared light. Some supply
companies (RIo, Contenti) have glasses that are “52mm IR green
polycarbonate #7 lenses. The #7 lens is approved by The Platinum
Guild”. The live help line at Rio said they do not protect from
infrared while soldering silver and using acetylene. I am using an
acetylene/oxy smith little torch and need protection that will fit
over my prescription glasses. Nothing extensive on this is in the
Orchid Archives. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

no affiliation I googled ir safety glasses as I recall mine are made
by remmington http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep81ws


Try Aura Visual Concepts, Inc.. Find A Filter (no affiliation) They make
a variety of safety glasses one of which will fit the bill. We have
several pair that were bought for torch fired glass work and fit
nicely over our prescription glasses. Tell them what you want to use
them for and they will direct you to the correct type and density.

Jean Vormelker