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Eye damage


Thank you Georgie, I’ve just looked at the Auralens site for the
protective glasses. There is a lot of money to be made out of
such products, if their prices are any indication. Over the years
one learns to look for motive as well as practicality. One could
become quite paranoid about some safety issues when an
application of common sense and proper bench practice may be all
that’s required.

Just following up on my original response to Lisa, who was
enquiring about eye protection when soldering silver and gold, I
should have added that 99% of my soldering is done with LP gas or
natural gas. Normal soldering rarely takes me past red heat.

I occasionally need to use oxygenated flames or oxy-acetyline
and when I do, I use welding goggles as proper practice requires.

Eye protection is essential where damage is likely to occur. Hope this
Rex from Oz