Extraordinary Security Measures

Today I spent the day in Odessa, Ukraine. I visited a jewelry store
where I was shocked to see a guard with an AK-47 machine gun. While
the jewelry was nice, it was not exceptionally expensive. I though
this was interesting in light of other threads on Orchid regarding
security measures. I certainly felt intimidated and did not spend
much time in the store.



No real reason to be shocked although an AK-47 is slight over kill.
I worked in a couple of non-public shops in Toronto Canada. Fancy
alarm systems, airlock entries with video and one way glass, and a
few hand guns scattered about. Retail stores which had an armed
guard at the door (an off duty police man who made more than I did)
An armed guard is only the visible tip of the ice berg of most
security systems.

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With all of the robberies and smash and grabs that have been going
on here in the US it is surprising that jewelry stores in the US
don’t have armed security guards as well. I would not feel the least
bit intimidated, on the contrary I would feel much more secure
shopping! If you aren’t robbing the store you don’t have anything to
worry about and criminals are more likely to look elsewhere.

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