Experiences with PayPal - good or bad

Hi All:

I have been using PayPal just since last November, but I have had
very good results. When I first announced completion of my book about
FACETING HISTORY I was receiving orders with payments by personal
checks. Once I had PayPal added to my website I started receiving an
increase in book orders. It is a very easy system for the buyer and
the seller to work with. On the down side, I get spam coming in every
week trying to get me to sucker in to giving personal for
a so-called check on my account I just ignore it, even
though it looks like it is coming trulely from PayPal. That is a
problem. I wish people would quit deciding to be crooks and trying to
get someone elses deserved money or purchased items.

Glenn KleinGlenn Klein, G.G.
Lake Forest CA USA